Wearable Luxury

Love, Passion, Handcraft, Quality


Since the 1980s, the founder of Sioro Jewelry Phyllis Incidis has upheld the family lineage in jewelry by transitioning from a small-scale chain business to create timeless pieces as a premier jewelry designer. In her early childhood, Phyllis witnessed the unjustly ruling of the patriarchal structure of state and gender discrimination. Since then, her dream has been to create a better tomorrow by transcending cultural barriers and sharing the journey of hope for women with their underprivileged background. The semantic affinity and passion that she gained for the industry at a young age gave her the opportunity to translate into a lifestyle by not only forming a sense of aesthetically pleasing wearable luxury but also each hand-crafted piece tell a story and evoke a sense of allure.


We stand behind the philosophy that we make the beautiful world that we live in. Our goal is to unite people while eclipsing cultural barriers by provoking courage and inspire a vision of global camaraderie through our hand-made jewelry pieces. In 2011, Sioro Jewelry was born to inspire a vision of empowering women and achieving gender equality by telling their unique story and vision. The extraordinary attention to detail is seen in our trend-created designs. We try to express iconic designs that inspire the concept of “wearable luxury“. The values that define us are found in our integrity, the love of art, and quality. This gives us the ability to harmoniously connect the bridge between conceptual sophistication and artistic expression.

We support displaced women artisans from third world countries that overcome adversities. We provide jobs to these women that have to flee their country to provide food and shelter for their children and themselves. Most of these women are from Georgia, some countries in Central Asia, and Bulgaria. We are trying to use our platform by hiring them to bring awareness to these women, who live in their underprivileged communities. Therefore, we try to provide them stability in their lives by increasing their access to their healthcare, transport barrier, or finances. Therefore, the connection that Sioro has built through the expansion of established jewelry lines and ambassadorship of peace that our selective women workers bring, we will be able to reconcile with one another.